Windows Terminal 2019

Microsoft has been stretching the list of languages they support via terminal for some time now in windows 10. From Bash shell support to ubuntu being available in the Windows store this unity has seemed like a dream. Now they plan on pushing windows even further with plans of shipping a full Linux kernel to Windows 10 users. Jack Hammons announce the feature will be available in his latest blog on Windows command line page. Jack states, “The WSL kernel will be built using Microsoft’s world-class CI/CD (Continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment) systems and serviced through Windows Update in an operation transparent to the user. The kernel will stay up to date with the newest features and fixes in the latest stable branch of Linux.” This should be stable and have great backwards compatibility in it system call interface. Essentially this will be a replacement for the current emulator which should have major benefits such as faster bootup and more efficient use of memory. All of this will be able to be installed from the windows store and utilized in the new and improved Windows Terminal announced today as well. It includes multiple tabs, hot swapping languages, emoji support, powerline symbols, programming ligatures and more. Currently this new Terminal and the linux kernel are not available but they will be soon, we will keep our ears to the ground to let you know as soon as they are released to the masses.


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